The voice of the residential housing industry in the South Okanagan 


Canadians See a Home Ownership Crises that Governments are Not Addressing 

The majority of Canadians believe the government is not doing enough to fight the affordable housing crises in Canada. See how the CHBA is working on bringing awareness to this growing problem in the article below published in the Hill Times by Kevin Lee, CEO of the Canadian Home Builders Association.  

Governments Not Addressing Home Ownership Crises 


Economic Impacts of the Housing Industry 2017 

Each year, CHBA reports on the significant economic impact of the residential construction industry across Canada at the national, provincial and community levels. The new home building industry is essential to Penticton and surrounding area’s economy and prosperity. In 2017, our industry held 2,200 jobs in Penticton alone and contributed to $133 million in wages! 

See the reports for the industry’s 2017 economic impacts in Penticton below: