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Do you want to take your business/career to the next level and be recognized for your dedication to continuing education?  CHBA BC’s Continuing Education program is designed to help you stay current on industry trends, technical advances, building codes and best practices. 

All general contractors wishing to renew their licence to build single-family homes and small residential buildings in B.C. must take Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Training accounts for a minimum of 20 of the 40 points you will need to maintain or renew your residential builder licence. However, in some cases — such as when you only have limited active practice points — training may account for most or all the 40 points you need.


BC Building Code         Riverside Conference Centre | Days Inn, 152 Riverside Drive             October 13, 2018      


1.  All registrations are through the website  On the website, you can view descriptions, cpd points, etc.

a) New users can set up their account while they are in the check out process paying for courses

b) Members who have never taken courses - please have them email so that we can set up their account and tag it as a member account.  They will receive 25% off all courses (we are no longer advertising $200 off courses, as BC Building Code is at a lower fee than all other courses. More info to follow below!).

c) If a member has an account already and can't figure out their password, there is a password reset option on the website. 

The registration deadline is set at 6 weeks prior to the start of any in-class session. Once that deadline passes, or the course reaches capacity, the course will close and the date will be automatically removed from the website.   

Course fees for non-members:

Building Science for New Homes: $899

BC Building Code Part 1 and Part 2 (2 separate courses): $599 each

All other CHBA BC formal education courses: $799+GST. 

Members receive 25% off each course.  For most courses, it works out to be $200 off each course still, but Building Science is roughly $225 off and BC Building Code is $150 each. 

If anyone is interested in joining and wants to take courses, they can either join first and then email us to let us know, or they can register for courses at the non-member rate and then once their membership is approved, they can email us and we'll honor the member rates and give them a refund.  They have to actively enrolled in courses though, we won't extend the discount if they say, took a course a year ago and finally decided to become a member. We do this so that students don't miss the deadline to register for upcoming courses. 

If BC Building Code Part 1 is successful in 2018, then we could offer Part 2 in 2019 and it'd be considered a more 'advanced' level training so then maybe you could get the same people to take those courses too.